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Donnerstag, 19. Oktober 2017

does money have a soul?

I think this will become a blog about money. I don't know though. But it seems like it.
Lately I was thinking if money has a soul. I think so, actually. I think it was cut off from its soul for a long time. I think it does have a soul, and a consciousness. But i think, just like many other good things, it was used and exploited. That's my theory. I think, money itself is kinda neutral, but not really, I think it can find its way to the good. I think it was cut off its purpose.

This semester, I will start doing research for my cultural- and social- anthropology bachelor's thesis about economics in art. For me art is soul. And also money is art. It can be. But very often, its not. I haven't understood, yet, what it is, that makes art valuable. I really haven't. Because it CAN be many different things, but then at the same time they can all not be relevant as well. It's maybe a bit like Schrödinger's art value.
I realized recently that I shouldn't search for money in my opponent anymore, instead I realized, money is a part of myself. Always has been. It was a bit weird at first, I confess. But it made a lot of sense, once I realized the effect in feelings and behaviors that resulted through it. I think it's a key thought. At least for me. I always tried to give something from my inside and tried to get money from somebody else, as I think, is normal in this world. I think, that's how it works.
From now on, I don't give my inside, in form of art, of pictures, of anything I make, anymore, in search for money in return. I am looking for my inner money, and I am creating it, and give it in form of art, a picture, or something I make, and I will just get these papers in return that people pay with.
It's worth a try, I think.
I will let you know how it turns out, but so far, it just feels good.

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